The Benny&Co. Foundation

To make a donationFor several years, Benny&Co. staff members and franchisees have been socially involved in a variety of sporting, cultural, artistic and educational activities. In June 2013, Benny&Co. launched its foundation to support and enhance these programs for youth and their families. Benny&Co. Foundation’s mission is to contribute to the well-being and development of children with special needs and their families and to provide them with opportunities for positive experiences.

Submit an Application

Benny&Co. Foundation accepts applications throughout the year. All NPOs from various regions may submit an application. Applications will be reviewed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, which will make the final selection. Members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors reassess the NPOs every year.

Board of Directors

  • Yves Benny, President
  • Michel Lamy, Vice-President
  • Nicolas Filiatrault, Secretary Treasurer
  • Marc-Antoine Benny, Administrator
  • Yanick Benny, Administrator
  • Josée Benny, Administrator
  • Diane Denis, Administrator