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Planning a corporate event,
office party or family meal?

Place your group order up to 30 days
in advance with Benny & Co.!

Our advantages

80+ restaurants
(delivery to many different areas)

Save on larger orders*
*(discount automatically applied when you
order 5+ Econogroups meals)

Locally sourced*
(>80% Québec products)

Place your order in

3 steps

Place Your Group Order - Benny & Co.
Click “Order online”
Groupe 371
Place Your Group Order - Benny & Co.
Select Econogroups meals
and follow the steps.
Groupe 371
Place Your Group Order - Benny & Co.
Receive or pick up your order
and dig into your meal. Enjoy!


For Econogroups meals, we offer a price that automatically decreases as the number of meals in the order increases. The Econogroups have the following 5 price categories: 5 to 9 meals, 10 to 24 meals, 25 to 49 meals, 50 to 99 meals and 100 meals or more. We also offer you the possibility to choose any meal on the menu and you will get an automatic discount of 10% for 10 to 49 meals, and 15% for 50 meals and more.
You can order them to pick up or be delivered.

You pay for group orders like any other online order. Unfortunately, it is not possible to divide group order payments into multiple transactions.

Each person will receive an eco-friendly box with a disinfectant wipe and the option to add utensils.

After you add the items to your cart, click the “+” next to the question, “Do you want utensils?”, under the “Suggestions” section.

You can place your group order up to 30 days in advance.

You can buy gift cards through the “Order online” option. You’ll receive an email for each gift card to send to the lucky person with a personalized note.

You can order Benny & Co. meals for your remote party. However, you have to place one order for each address.

We recommend that you buy a gift card for the total amount of the orders and use it to pay the online order directly so that your credit card doesn’t get blocked. We also recommend that you create an account and register your gift card, which will then appear on the payment page.

During the summer, we have a food truck for your private or corporate events. Ask for more information at [email protected].

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