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Benny & Co. Restaurants - Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Make sure to add all the desired items in your order and then type the promo code where indicated in red: “available promotions”. Also, please ensure that you meet all the promo code’s terms of use. Promo codes are not valid on our special offers (Benny&Co.’s choice, duo and family meals).

If you have completed all the necessary steps to enter the promo code and the code still has not worked on your end, you can call the branch to place your order by phone and mention the web promo code so that the cashier adds this code manually to your receipt.

Otherwise, it is also possible to send us the receipt of your web order (received by email) at [email protected] and we will be happy to refund you the promo code value.

For several years now, we have constantly improved our practices to become more sustainable. We support our local producers by purchasing 80% of our products from Quebec, for a total of more than 90% from Canada. Our coleslaw and sauce containers are recyclable while our meal containers are compostable or recyclable; napkins, toilet paper, hand paper and straws are made from recycled materials; our chicken boxes are recyclable and printed using vegetable-based ink. Additionally, we do not give away plastic utensils unless the customer requests them; this helps us minimize the distribution of plastic. 40% of our delivery cars are now hybrids. Please note that in the majority of our restaurants, our meals are served in reusable dishes when dining in. We then sort our garbage (plastic bottles, cardboard, recycling) and we hope that, one day, we will be able to make compost too.

It is possible to find the information about your rotisserie by clicking on Find your rotisserie on the map on the right, or scroll down the list on the left to find yours. The address and phone number are listed there, but you can also click on “View rotisserie” for more details on the services offered and opening hours.

Here is the link to our menu with prices: It is possible to change the type of menu (delivery QC/ON, takeout QC/ON) by scrolling a little bit down the page.

It is possible to know if we deliver to your place by entering your address in the dispatcher at Then, click on the little red magnifying glass and select the correct address. If we deliver to your place, the name of the branch in your area will appear.  

We have decided to focus our resources in selected areas to avoid the deterioration of the customer service experience that often comes with a large delivery area. Our delivery area has been carefully chosen so that we can deliver to an address within the area and maintain the quick delivery times and high food quality that our customers have come to expect from us. It is possible that the Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats or Doordash applications deliver Benny&Co. to your address.

Our delivery time should be between 30 and 60 minutes. This time slot may vary from branch to branch and depending on the day and time. Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings are our busiest times and we will do our best to deliver on a timely basis. For an immediate and more precise answer regarding the estimated time frame for your delivery, please call your branch directly.

Our chickens are fed a mix of corn, soy, wheat, vitamins and minerals (no growth hormones). We give antibiotics as needed (like humans). Special procedures are followed if they were ever given an antibiotic and it is impossible that it remains in the meat during slaughter. Our chickens are not kept in cages.

While our wavy fries are frozen for transport, they are not your average frozen fries! We carefully select and harvest the largest russet potatoes from Prince Edward Island. They are then washed, cut and delivered to our branches in Quebec and Ontario. Once in our kitchens, they are fried in 100% vegetable oil to reach the perfect crispiness. We also give them their wavy shape to ensure that they hold our Benny&Co. sauce when dipped!

You can have access to the allergens and nutritional information found in our products by visiting our website: You need to click on the desired item, then on the (i) button beside the product. Alternatively, when you order online ( and click on the title of your meal, all details will be shown (ingredients, nutritional value and allergens). If your allergy is not shown in the list, it is likely that it is not found in the meal.

It is also possible to contact the restaurant directly to ensure that no trace of the allergen comes into contact with your order.

Our chicken, our Benny&Co. sauce and our coleslaw do not contain gluten. Our wavy French fries are gluten-free, but they are cooked in the same oil as our chicken strips, which contain gluten. That being said, you can order a leg or breast meal and change your fries for the rice or for the salad of the moment. You might also want to ask the cashier to remove the bun. We suggest that you mention your allergy when ordering to ensure that special attention is paid to your order.

You can have access to the nutritional value found in our products by visiting our website: You need to click on the desired item, then on the (i) button beside the product. Alternatively, when you order online ( and click on the title of your meal, all details will be shown (ingredients, nutritional value and allergens).

We now offer a vegetarian menu that includes the vegetarian strip meal, the vegetarian salad of the moment, and the veggie wrap meal. Our vegetarian strips, made with soy protein, are vegan. Note, however, that they are cooked in the same oil as our chicken strips but in a different basket, of course.

For all those vegetarian meals, ensure to change the Benny&Co. sauce for coleslaw, because our sauce contains chicken. For the vegetarian strip meal to become vegan, the coleslaw must also be removed, since it contains milk ingredients.

All of our cardboard containers are microwave safe, but without the plastic lid and foil. Do not put the Benny&Co. delivery box directly into the microwave.

We publish advertisements in French and English to reach most of our customers. For the distribution of these ads on Facebook, we target people depending on the language chosen for their Facebook account. However, it happens that French-language ads reach an English-speaking person because of the Facebook algorithm that can target people according to the content they usually consult. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything about it as of right now, but we remain alert for possible solutions.

If you receive our newsletter by email in French and want it in English, send us an email about it at [email protected] so that we can change your account settings. You will then receive the newsletters in English only.

The Rôtisserie Benny and Au Coq brands are independent chains that no longer belongs to the Benny family, but to the Foodtastic group.

Benny&Co. is the largest and only family-owned rotisserie chain in Canada. Our sixty (and +) restaurants are all operated by Benny family members of the 2nd or 3rd generation. You can visit for the addresses of our branches.

Benny & Co., Rôtisseries Benny and Au Coq are different entities, different types of restaurants: the menu, the operations, our quality standards, the head office, our promotions, etc. are different.

It is possible to apply by filling up the quick form at Otherwise, you can send in your resume for available job positions online on our website at Your application will be sent directly to the manager of the selected branch and will be considered.

The salary is based on the job position held, the number of years of experience and seniority. During the interview, the salary will be discussed with the managers of this branch.

We accept resumes as soon as when the law allows us to. We have hired employees as young as 15 or 16 years old, but we always ensure to respect their school schedule. All managers consider this important factor since we promote youth education.

You can send us a detailed sponsorship request at [email protected] to allow us to transfer it to the manager of the chosen branch. You should know that each restaurant has an annual budget for sponsorships. The franchisee will be in a better position to respond to your request since your sponsorship is local. Be aware, however, that we must adhere to the following specific criteria:

  • Proximity to one of our restaurants in Quebec or Ontario (you can consult the list of our restaurants on our website:
  • The request must concern children or young adults and need to contribute to their development in the following fields: sports, education, children’s health and their environment.
  • We do not give money, but rather give sponsorships in goods and services.

For any collaboration request, please send your information to [email protected]. We will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Please read more details about this at At the bottom of the page is a form to fill out to become a franchise. Our team will then evaluate your application.

If you want to book our food truck for your event, send us your request to [email protected]. Please include the date, the number of people and the location. We will see our availability and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can purchase a gift card directly online at or at one of our branches. It can be used in all of our branches both for takeout and delivery (if available). You can also view your card balance at any time on our website.

For any of the inquiries above, please fill out the form at One of our head office staff members will respond to you within 24h to 48h. Do not forget to mention the name of the branch concerned!

We recommend frequent hand-washing rather than wearing gloves just as MAPAQ does. Although wearing gloves is also allowed, it can also cause a false sense of cleanliness on the gloves. An employee could do several tasks without changing his gloves, which would cause a lack of hygiene. It is for this reason that we promote in our restaurants hand-washing between each task.

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