Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

Why work at Benny & Co.? Thank you for asking! Even though we know that we offer excellent working conditions, there’s nothing like letting our team members speak. Here are 7 excellent reasons to apply for one (or more!) of our currently open positions, along with testimonials from employees who are already part of our great family.

    1. You’ll have a flexible schedule, and we’ll make it easy for you to balance work and school.

    We always take your non-work obligations into consideration when we offer you a schedule. Whether it’s your studies, your family or even both, we always find a solution.

    “What makes me the proudest is definitely the fact that I managed to develop this great career so quickly, while being a student AND a father!”

    Eugène-Emmanuël, assistant manager at Benny & Co. in Lavaltrie


    1. We will offer you an attractive salary that we review annually.

    Benny & Co. offers all of its employees a very attractive starting wage. We are also committed to reviewing the salary of all our employees every year and to offering competitive benefits.


    1. If you wish, you can progress within the company.

    At our headquarters and in our restaurants, the stories of advancement are too numerous to count. Here are a few:


    “I started working at Benny&Co. in 2013 at the Pointe-aux-Trembles location, where I began as a cook. A few weeks later, I started my training as a roaster—a great job that I held for a little over 3 years before becoming a team leader and then an assistant manager.” Olivier, assistant manager at Benny & Co. in Anjou


    “I started as an assistant cook and now, I am a team leader. I’m very proud of my journey at Benny’s. If I had to start again, I would do it all over. A big thank you to the Benny team for believing in me.” Manon, kitchen team leader at Benny&Co. in Saint-Charles-Borromée

    “I started at Benny&Co. at the age of 17 as a cook’s helper. Five and a half years later, I am proud of my career path, because I have been promoted four times.” Marie-Soleil, manager of Benny & Co. in Berthierville

    “I started as a roaster in Joliette. In only 2 months, I was promoted to team leader. A year later, I became assistant manager—all this thanks to my initiative and my leadership.” Eugène-Emmanuël, Assistant manager at Benny & Co. in Lavaltrie


    1. The work atmosphere is friendly and motivating

    This is a point that our employees, both new hires and veterans, often mention. In the quietest moments, as well as in the most intense ones, the atmosphere is stimulating and the positive mood triumphs.


    “What I like the most in my daily work is the family atmosphere and the team spirit, without hesitation.” Eugène-Emmanuël, Assistant Manager at Benny & Co. in Lavaltrie


    “What I take away from my experience is that everyone was there to help me. It’s really a great team, we work as a team and have fun at the same time. That’s what makes me eager to come to work in the morning.” Manon, kitchen team leader at Benny&Co. in Saint-Charles-Borromée


    1. The employee discount will please you.

    50 %, is no small thing!


    1. Benny&Co. is a local company, involved and in full expansion

    We are a local company that has had a great history with Quebecers since 1960, and with Ontarians since 2018. Today, the second and third generations of the Benny family are at the helm and are involved in the community, notably with the Benny&Co Foundation. The company also encourages Quebec-based producers by sourcing over 85% of its products from here.


    If you’re generous by nature, we’ll get along great! And as the chain is growing, we need people like you in several regions.


    1. A scholarship program is offered

    You are studying and you want to continue working? We want to help you! That’s why we have set up a scholarship program to help our employees study.


    “I started working at Benny & Co. part-time while I was studying. Soon after, the team at Benny & Co. granted me a scholarship to encourage me to continue my studies without giving up my job, within the hours I could work. I am super grateful for their help! This experience allowed me to realize that personnel management might be of interest to me once I finish my degree.” Camille Bonin, cashier, Varennes


    1. EXTRA: We solicit the creativity of our teams!

    We promised you 7 reasons, but there is yet another good reason to join the extended Benny & Co. family: We like to solicit the creativity of our teams. An example? Recently, we organized a contest to invite our employees to show us their culinary talents by inviting them to create a new wrap. The winning creation will be on the menu in all our Benny & Co. locations.


    Interested in joining the Benny & Co. team? Check out our career page and the list of positions currently available in your area. We look forward to meeting you!