Montreal, June 7, 2022. — The Quebec family business Benny & Co. is proud to announce its first ever collaboration with a renowned chef to create a new menu item. The fried chicken burger with jalapeños, created by Chef Martin Juneau, embodies this association, and demonstrates Benny & Co.’s ongoing commitment to renewal while honoring the culinary traditions enjoyed by Quebecers.


Reflecting a shared vision and values as well as a desire to support the restaurant industry, this collaboration is a first for both Benny & Co. and restaurateur Martin Juneau. The latter, in addition to being at the helm of several culinary shows, has been co-owner of the Pastaga restaurant since 2011, a great success in Quebec.


“During the pandemic, I was afraid I wouldn’t make it through following the closure of three of my establishments. The Benny family approached me just as I was celebrating 10 years of Pastaga. We have all worked our way up in the restaurant business and are guided by our entrepreneurial instincts. Helping each other to bring gastronomy to life at a friendly price while encouraging local producers is a very rewarding project for me,” adds Martin Juneau, restaurateur and co-owner of Pastaga.


“Our family values and our desire to offer simple, accessible and festive food have animated our discussions from the start. This is the very first fried chicken patty that we were going to offer to our clientele, and we wanted this dish to be in line with the new image of our restaurants, more modern, but still accessible. The first test of Martin’s recipe was so successful that his daughters even approved the final version. We are very grateful to Martin Juneau for his precious collaboration in this project,” says Elisabeth Benny, Vice-president of marketing and public relations at Benny & Co.


Another first for Benny & Co.

Benny & Co. was determined to offer the highest quality, handmade product for its very first fried chicken patty offered on the menu. After more than a year and several tests to create the perfect product, the Benny&Co. team is more than satisfied with the result: a tender and juicy chicken breast wrapped in a crispy batter made of a secret blend of spices, in a very generous serving.


Benny & Co. remains true to its promise to work with local businesses and producers. The ingredients used in the new burger recipe come from Hydroserre, Fromagerie St-Guillaume and Vinaigrette J.C. Cardinal. The fried chicken burger with jalapeños is available until August 28, 2022, in all the chain’s restaurants.


Dining room reopenings remain challenging

According to Restaurants Canada’s most recent survey of its members, as of April 2022, 84% of restaurants were fully open without restrictions in March 2022, the highest level since the pandemic began. However, four in ten restaurants are still operating at a loss. More than 60 percent estimate that it will take at least 12 months to return to profitability.


“Nearly 70 percent of quick-service restaurants say automation and increased use of technology would help them overcome the labor shortage. The new Benny & Co. restaurant concept features a new, more modern dining room presentation. Customers are identified and served with a table tracker they are given when ordering at the counter. This is a good example of technology serving the industry,” says Olivier Bourdeau, Vice President, Federal Affairs and Quebec, Restaurants Canada.


On May 2, Benny & Co. was named winner in the Large Business Entrepreneurship category of the Mercuriades 2022 competition organized by the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec. This recognition highlights the company’s exceptional performance over the past two years, which have been particularly challenging for the restaurant industry.


Benny & Co. has opened 13 new restaurants since the beginning of the pandemic, representing investments of more than $20M that have led to the creation of more than 300 jobs across Quebec. The Quebec-based family business is continuing its expansion plans and will open seven restaurants this year in the cities of Longueuil, Terrebonne, Laval, Jonquière, Rosemère and Mont-Laurier.


About Benny & Co.

With a network of 72 locations in Quebec and Ontario, Benny & Co. is the largest family-owned rotisserie chain in Quebec.  The company excels in rotisserie chicken cooking thanks to its exclusive three-hour slow-cooking technique developed by co-founder Gilles Benny. A Master Roaster since 1960, the 4th generation company now offers a range of grocery products and is still 100% owned by family members. Benny & Co. sells more than twelve million rotisserie chicken meals per year, employs more than 2,200 people and is recognized by the Aliments du Québec au menu. For more information:


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