Nearly two years ago, the third generation of the Benny family put their heart and soul into the creation of a new chicken strips recipe to meet the growing demand of their customers, while maintaining the superior quality of their chicken protein. 

However, the arrival of this culinary innovation was far from universally accepted. Many fans of Benny&Co. expressed their dissatisfaction… So, the new generation of the company’s leadership took full responsibility for their entrepreneurial misstep and brought back the original recipe of chicken strips that was so beloved by Quebecers, thus demonstrating humility and resilience. 

To celebrate the long-awaited return of our original chicken strips, the Benny&Co. team has created a social media campaign in collaboration with Quebec comedian and host Phil Roy. This campaign highlights the most delicious comments received by Benny&Co. over the past two years regarding their chicken strips, while reminding us of a very important lesson: To err is human and the important thing is to pick yourself up and begin anew! 

To watch the video: The return of the GOOD chicken strips at Benny&Co.!

Enjoy our social media campaign and, above all, bon appétit!