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Wrap Made From Quebec Ingredients

Featured Ingredients:

  • Benny & Co. Chick'n Tenders or Veggie Fingers
  • Mejicano 10" tortillas
  • Swiss cheese slices from Fromagerie St-Guillaume
  • Leaf lettuce from Laitues Mirabel
  • Serres Royales cherry tomatoes
  • MAG mayonnaise


  1. Bake Benny & Co. Chick'n Tenders (or Veggie Fingers) from 25 minutes.
  2. Spread mayo to taste on one10" regular tortillas
  3. Add some leaf lettuce, a slice of Swiss cheese and cut cherry tomatoes.
  4. Once cooked, place your Benny & Co. Chick'n Tenders (or Veggie Fingers) on the other ingredients
  5. Close the wrap end enjoy!

              Thanks to our local partner producers!